Historical tidbits from SHA


A Few Pertinent Questions, and Their Answers  (excerpt from a reproduced promotional booklet during the early part of the first decade of the 20th century.)

Are you tired out?  Have you brain fog, no appetite or insomnia?  Are you irritable? Has your brain lost its alertness?  Have your children, whom you wish to have grown up well and strong, become some of nature’s noblemen?  Do you wish to get away from the summer heat to a place where the cool breezes keep the temperature 15 degrees lower on the average than in the country or city where you live?  Let me tell you what Sagamore Highlands has done for me. “

The author of this except (which is unknown in this reproduced booklet) goes on to say how he found what he “long vainly sought – sleep, sweet soul-refreshing sleep and strength, health and appetite improved”

The booklet also has many photos depicting homes and lots for sale at the time.