UPDATE on Stair Repair and Beach Access

From Dan Reddy
As an additional followup from what was presented at the SHA Annual Meeting – attached please find images from the Engineer’s design of the revamped Path & Stairs to the beach.

Update: The Conservation Commission approved the Path/Stairs plan with some conditions that include a provision that the work may NOT be done between April 1 and August 31 due to concerns about shore bird nesting. (we take that as good news that the work will have to be done prior to that.) Remember that the Commission is not in charge of the project ; they only approve of it as it relates to protection. At the time the Town did not have permission to go from Lodge Beach (nearest Sagamore Beach) to the site with heavy equipment. So far, they will have to do the work by hand from the street.

The plans (attached) show

1 – photo 97.) Path with 5 “Platforms” which are 6×8 timbers filled with compacted gravel for passage and drainage. Note purple cisterns in street to accommodate water from a  once in 25 year storm (5″ a day). The non retained water would go down the path being partially absorbed by platforms and rip rap rocks off path.

Our existing railing would be reconfigured to work with any new heights of the path.

2 – photo 98.) Stairs would be rebuilt out of pressure treated wood. The key difference is that the supporting concrete columns would be on the flat beach instead of on the slope where the last one failed.

3 – photo 400.) side view of the path and stairs.

The project has to go out to bid. The Town has emergency money to use. There is no specific item on this Special Town Meeting on Monday but I believe an Article will replenish the Emergency money once it has been used.

No one has quoted a timeframe but I can’t see it taking more than a month (probably less) once bids are in, work is awarded and construction has started – assuming good weather.